Farhad Delaram, Film and Media Arts, 2020

*1988 in Theran

His lifelong love towards cinema led independent filmmaker Farhad Delaram to study cinema at University of Tehran where he focused his studies on the subject of sound in poetic cinema and received his MA with honour. He also has published a paper about aesthetics of sound in cinema in AVANCA congress 2016. He has a 12-year-long career of working as a scriptwriter in Iran’s National Radio and Television and also in private filmmaking studios, besides working as an independent screenwriter. Farhad has made six independent short films (as director, writer, photographer, editor and sound editor) including two documentaries and four fiction films. His last film (Tattoo, 2019) won Crystal Bear for Best Short Film at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival in Generation 14plus section. He is currently living in Berlin.


Expo Pandemic, 2020, Experimental short film

Tattoo, 2019, Fiction Short film

Away from Home, 2017, Fiction Short film

Like the Last Day, 2016, Fiction Short film

Garbage Dance, 2015, Documentary Short film

Wax, 2015, Fiction Short film