“Expo Pandemic”
Farhad Delaram

With the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, all Akademie der Künste locations were closed, bringing this hive of cultural activity to a standstill overnight. The Iranian filmmaker and JUNGE AKADEMIE fellow Farhad Delaram spent the months of lockdown in his studio at the Akademie am Hanseatenweg. Enclosed in the emptiness of the rooms, he documented the site’s new atmosphere and his impressions in the film Expo Pandemic. He traces the movement from the pandemic’s total and threatening silence, covering the once busy rooms like a carpet, to the end of the lockdown and his first encounters with the outside world.

“Expo Pandemic”

2020, experimental short film / 8 Minutes
Directed & Shot by Farhad Delaram
Edit & Visual Design by Sasan Khoshniat
Music by Mehrdad Jafari Rad