Stefanie Heim, Film and Media Arts, 2018

*1986 in Potsdam, lives in Erfurt and Berlin

Stefanie Heim isradio play writer and voice actor. 2012–2016 Specialization in radio play, feature and sound composition at the Chair of Experimental Radio at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Stays abroad in Lisbon, Istanbul, Havana and Los Angeles. 2016 Master of Fine Arts in Media Art/Media Design. 2017 Nomination for the Prix Europa. Exploration of the feature format and its potentials in the context of home and identity.

Berlin Fellowship


Residency Project


2018–2019, interactive installation

Video projection, audio files, 5 min each

How do people define home? How can one find home in a foreign country? Different voices define their concept of this term, we learn about their homes and their significance. Home is separated from geographical features. Their homes are all over the world. In contrast to this, they all meet in an artificial microcosm – on a doorbell nameplate. This is where the protagonists’ stories are brought together. In the walk-in audio and video installation, we as visitors. stand outside their door ringing the bell to be let in. Every push of the button opens up another perspective on what home means.


AGORA ARTES, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2019