Sebastián Solórzano, Performing Arts, 2019

*1986 in Mexico City, lives in Mexico City

Sebastián Solórzano is a Mexican light artist. He focuses his practice on live art, lighting design and expanded cinema. He is currently researching the use of machines and light as choreographic presences to create transdisciplinary performances. Co-founder of the expanded cinema collective Luz y Fuerza, which has been creating moving image installations and live acts since 2012. As a lighting designer, he has worked at venues in North America, Europe and North Africa, and collaborated with artists such as Philip Glass, Claudio Valdés Kuri and Aladino Rivera. In 2016, he was awarded the Jóvenes Creadores FONCA grant. Student of Jennifer Tipton through the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative 2014–2015.

Werner Düttmann Fellowship


Residency Project


2020, choreographic installation

An obelus is a written mark: It can take the form of a downwards dagger to point out purious, corrupt, doubtful or superfluous words and passages; it is also the cross placed beside a person’s name to indicate that they are dead. Its third graphic form is the symbol for the mathematical operation of division.

OBELUS is a choreographic installation that presents an intimate allegory of masculinity, of its eroticism and fractures. The representation of the human body in western painting is the starting point, adulterating threeof its most recurring characters: Saint Sebastian, Jesus and Venus, it seizes the visual imagery of theses pictorial bodies to hack, resignify and misrepresent them.

OBELUS is part of an artistic research project focused on non-human performance, in which Solorzano addresses stage lighting design as a choreographic practice, using automated lamp systems and optical devices. For this choreographic installation, he had created a duet between these machines and his own body.


Sound Design: Manuel Estrella; Executive Producer: Homero Fernandez Segura

Premiere 1.2.2020, opening weekend Where The Story Unfolds, work presentations JUNGE AKADEMIE 2020