Ramy Al-Asheq, Literature, 2018

lives in Berlin

Ramy Al-Asheq is a Syrian-Palestinian poet, journalist, curator. He has published five poetry collections in Arabic. Several texts have been translated into Bosnian, English, French, German, Kurdish and Spanish. 2014, literature scholarship Heinrich Böll Haus Langenbroich. 2015, literature award Al-Qattan Foundation, Ramallah. 2017, launch of the German-Arabic culture magazine FANN. 2018, curator for Literaturhaus Berlin, co-founder of the Arabic-German Literature Days Berlin, scholarships Künstlerhaus Lukas (Arenshoop) and Künstlerdorf Schöppingen.

Berlin Fellowship

لم ينتبه أحد لموتك

Residency Project

لم ينتبه أحد لموتك

[No One Noticed When You Died]

2019, interdisciplinary performance


The war is my war
Blood has taken over paradise,
mixing with entrails
And the land of others has triumphed
– not mine –
Will I be defeated?
I already have been…
but my destruction does not expose me.

In his poetry, Ramy Al-Asheq reflects on topics such as death, life, war and survival. In his epic poem No One Noticed When You Died, he also deals with religion, poetry, and human existence based on the Syrian experience of war and of torture and killing in Assad’s prisons.

The idea for this performance came from visual artist Abeer Farhoud, who contacted Ramy Al-Asheq and asked him to collaborate on a joint project. Al-Asheq put forward his poem No One Noticed When You Died and Farhoud suggested giving a performance that combined a poetry recital and the creation of a sculpture. After discussing and researching the project, Al-Asheq invited the actor and performer Maya Omaia Keesh to join the team, so that they could all put their artistic experience, thoughts and creativity into one performance.

Text: Ramy Al-Asheq; Sculpture: Abeer Farhoud; Performance: Maya Omaia Keesh; Language: Arabic with German and English Surtitles; Translation: Dina Aboul Hosn and Dr Levi Thompson (English), Monika Rinck (German)

Premiere 4.5.2019, opening AGORA ARTES, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2019