Mithatcan Öcal, Music, 2018

*1992 in Iskenderun, lives in Istanbul

Mithatcan Öcal is freelance composer and improviser. Founding member of the Istanbul Composers Collective.

Berlin Fellowship

“Huis Clos V”

Residency Project

Istanbul Composers Collective

Huis Clos V

2019, performance with synthesizers, electronics and live video

Istanbul Composers Collective is a non-profit organization founded by seven composer-performers; Onur Dülger, Emre Dündar, Şükret Gökay, Şahin Kureta, Mithatcan Öcal, Uğurcan Öztekin and Mehmet Ali Uzunselvi.

We combine the improvisation practices that we have developed over the years as Istanbul Composers Collective with a deep learning model developed by Şahin Kureta. This model identifies discernible relationship patterns between sound and video and learns to create new visuals in response to new sounds, or vice versa, based on previously discerned structures and connections. Within this context, we revisit all of our output, which we have archived for the long term and, since we have been living in this specific place, made into a small “library” (of visuals,
sound and everything pertaining to our memories associated with the place) in order to recreate it for the “present” in a way that encompasses all of the changes of the past few years (in our performance practices, our musical intuition, etc.).


Performers: Emre Dündar, Mithatcan Öcal, Mehmet Ali Uzunselvi and Şahin Kureta

Premiere 4.5.2019, opening AGORA ARTES, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2019