Kleopatra Markou, Performing Arts, 2018

*1983 in Athens, lives in Athens and Berlin

Kleopatra Markou is an actress and singer. She studied drama (practice and theory) at the Academy of Fine Arts at Peloponnese University and acting at the Modern Times drama school in Athens. She works in theatre and cinema, at the National Theatre of Greece in Athens and at independent theatre companies and festivals in Greece, Germany and Switzerland.

Berlin Fellowship

“Schwarzes Kästchen”

Residency Project

Schwarzes Kästchen, Trailer

Schwarzes Kästchen, performance

Schwarzes Kästchen

2019, a monologue

Journal Entry, 8 December 2018

I feel helpless. I haven’t managed to complete any of the things I wanted to do. I dreamed I was walking through the cemetery wearing my pink raincoat. I see her between the living and the dead. My childishness roams foolhardily around graveyards searching for something of Antigone, to get a few words out of her; maybe Antigone can help me, say a few words to me about how to carry on with my life. Two strangers hold hands to lessen their fear.

The Greek actress Kleopatra Markou invites herself to a funeral feast, searching for her only lost homeland, her childhood, which has been lost forever. She pins all her hopes on a “small black box” she never dared to open all through the years. One of the guests of honour is (her friend) Antigone.


Concept, text, performance: Kleopatra Markou; Director: Ilias Kounelas; Dramaturgy: Kleopatra Markou, Ilias Kounelas; Costume: Niki Psychogiou; Translation: Gerasimos Bekas; Soundscape: Lampros Pigounis

Premiere 4.5.2019, opening AGORA ARTES, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2019