cylixe *, Visual Arts, 2018

cylixe is a traveller. She travels through fine arts and media, along social and political breaklines, through human networks and realities, over continents and even in time. Her journeys (and residencies) culminate in award-winning photographies and films (which she studied in Europe and America) as well as in performances, books and sculptures. You can find her artistic fingerprints and footsteps in screenings, festivals and exhibitions in more than twenty countries since 2007.

Berlin Fellowship

“ulterior flux”

Residency Project

ulterior flux

2018–2019, Science Ficition Story

ulterior flux is the serially narrated online diary of a time traveller from almost 100 years in the future. She is trapped in the Berlin of 2019 and describes what caused her fantastic journey, the time she has landed in and, most importantly, how she can return to her own time, while exploring the city through photography. She also describes her future, a time where things have turned out for the better against all odds. To get back, she needs to build a time machine, a thing of metal, acrylic light and noise.


The diary is also published as book.

Where The Story Unfolds, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2020

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