Barbara Delać, Literature, 2019

*1994 in Kotor, lives in Kotor

Barbara Delać is a writer. She studied modern and contemporary theory of art at the University of Donja Gorica in Podgorica, Montenegro. She has been a member of the Forum of Young Writers literary group since 2015 and has published poetry and short stories in the collections: Bird-friendly, Or someone already planned, Solution of the Puzzle, Helpless words, Manuscripts 40, Manuscripts 41, as well as in literary magazines and portals. She is a laureate of the 32nd Festival of Young Poets in Zajecar, where she published her first book Tomorrowland (2018). She also received the Branko’s Award 2018 in Serbia for the same book.

Berlin Fellowship

“Where are We, Tell Me”

Residency Project

Wo sind wir hier, erzähl mir (Where are We, Tell Me / Gdje smo ovo, pričaj me)

2019, interdisciplinary performance

Berlin, the place of longing for lost & found once I lost a few of my characters a driver, who would like to reign over the city traffic a charming artist, that was how I presented her, Maria Magdalena, Magi, an immigrant, there is no trace of him the writer operator of observations, as they went back again, you could follow the scene, there was no chronology, they would shout at one another and at a woman, who is travelling home from the third shift and doesn’t understand that the salary is fictitious and that she doesn’t have to stay until the end of the working hours

Where are We, Tell Me is a musical performance developed in collaboration with Croatian composer Sara Renar and based on the text of Barbara Delać’s long poem. Barbara experiments with electric language adventures – set to the rhythm and direction of the subway, inspired by the world and the characters she meets there. The performance creates a unique sound and visual experience for a text that raises questions
about migration, identity, capitalism, free time, and the role of art today, etc.


Text: Barbara Delać
Music: Sara Renar
Vidideo: Barbara Delać, Sara Renar
Performing: Barbara Delać, Sara Renar, Nathalie Seiß
Translation: Jelena Knežević, Christina Rabussay (German), Marko Stanojkovski, Matt Whiffen (English)

Premiere 1.2.2020, opening weekend Where The Story Unfolds, work presentations JUNGE AKADEMIE 2020

The project is also funded by Creative Europe.

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