Alicia Hernanz, Architecture, 2018

*1988 in Madrid, lives in Paris

Alicia Hernanz studied Architecture at the Superior Technical School of Architecture University of Madrid, 2006–2013, and has worked in London, Nicaragua and Paris. She has been an architect in the Renzo Piano Building Workshop since 2016.

Berlin Fellowship

“Education After War – The Schools of the Common(s)”

Residency Project

Education After War – The Schools the Common(s)

2019, research-based installation
Rubble, steel, vinyl, CAD and hand drawing

This project strives for urban and social recovery of post war cities by encouraging citizens’ engagement through collaborative building techniques for the
construction of local schools out of rubble. In the hope of expanding the capacities of destroyed cities through collective production and self-organisation
for reconstruction, this project proposes to open up the citizens’ processes of creativity and physicalize a world of shared prosperity.


AGORA ARTES, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2019