Alexander Khubeev, Music, 2018

*1986 in Perm, lives in Moscow

Alexander Khubeev studied composition at the Moscow Conservatory. Numerous prizes and awards including the prestigious Gaudeamus Award (2015). Performances by renowned ensembles in more than 25 countries around Europe, Asia, North and South America. Curator of Composition Course in Saint Petersburg.

Berlin Fellowship

“Tactile Illusions”

Residency Project

Tactile Illusions

2019, music performance

Performers: A&C String Quartet

The composition is based on the idea of tactile illusions, a phenomenon that affects the sense of touch. Because the string players do not use their bows during the piece, they are put in the unusual position of trying to find much closer forms of contact with their respective instruments using various scratching and rubbing objects. Producing sound in this way appeals not only to emotional or rational ways of perceiving sound for both the performers and
the audience but also to the physiological aspect of it, as the tactile component of playing the instrument becomes more explicit both visually and aurally
(thanks also to close amplification). The objects used in the piece include simple everyday objects such as hair combs, chopsticks and brushes. However, the way in which they are used establishes a new context for the relationship between physical sensation, movement and sound, transporting the listeners to a special world of sound.


Premiere 4.5.2019, opening AGORA ARTES, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2019