Ada Mukhina, Performing Arts, 2020

*1988 in Leningrad, lives in St.Petersburg and Berlin

Ada Mukhina is a nomadic artist and theatre-maker with a focus on politically/socially engaged documentary and participatory performance. Her practices include directing, performing, curating, writing, teaching and researching. She graduated with distinction from the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts and earned an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Her theatre work has been presented in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, the USA and Russia. As a winner of the Black Box Residency at the Meyerhold Theatre Center, she recently directed and co-authored two theatre productions in Moscow – Locker Room Talk and Caries of Capitalism.

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How To Sell Yourself to the West. Case Akademie der Künste

Theatre Performance

How To Sell Yourself to the West. Case Akademie der Künste

Theatre Performance

How to Sell Yourself to the West: Case Akademie der Künste is an investigative and humorous theatre performance staged in the rooms of the Akademie der Künste Berlin about its reward rituals, awards and questions of access. The idea for the project came about in 2020 during the JUNGEN AKADEMIE residency. Theatre director, author and performer Ada Mukhína decided to examine more closely the art awards and the associated procedures and decision-making paths of the Akademie. Who receives the awards from the Western art institutions? What are the possible criteria? Who makes these decisions? And who is left behind? The performance brings together the perspectives and experiences of theatre makers from Russia, Syria, Cameroon etc. in the Western market and invites the audience into the hidden world of art.

Funded by the JUNGE AKADEMIE of the Akademie der Künste and the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics (Georgetown University).


Written, directed and performed by Ada Mukhína

Performers / Collaborators: Anis Hamdoun, Serge Fouha

Graphic design: Caterina Pislari

Lighting: Iana Boitcova

Assistant director: Saskia Mommertz