Sophia Pompéry, 2023

*1984 in Berlin (DE), lives in Berlin (DE)


Facebook: @sophia.pompery
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What Matters

Work Presentation 2022

Crypto Note

Installation, glass flacons on velvet

If money doesn’t stink, then what do cryptocurrencies smell like?

The Crypto Note edition consists of glass perfume flacons, the seals on which cannot be opened without breaking the glass. The puzzle regarding the smell of money can therefore only be solved by destroying value.

Works of art and currencies have in common that everybody attributes a different importance to them. Their value is a promise and is based on collective trust. Pompéry plays with the belief in a digital (virtual) currency and sets staggered prices for the flacons in the cryptocurrencies they represent, which are however subject to sharp exchange rate fluctuations.

Whereas financial, cultural and social values are volatile, and cryptocurrencies even more so, one aspect remains constant: blockchain technology documents every change of ownership. Thus, the digital twin of each object has a footprint, an NFT as an uninterrupted line of provenance that will quite possibly be traceable to the end of the internet age.