Mirkan Deniz, Visual Arts, 2018

Works and lives in Zurich

Mirkan Deniz works with sculpture, video and installation. Her conceptual works are often reconstructions and citations. One of her interests is the tension between materials and immaterial effects (trauma, ineffable experiences, and memories). How can an object (a sculpture) maintain this tension while investigating the relationship between past, violence and subjectivity?

Berlin Fellowship

“95 Jahre Lausanner Friedensvertrag Château d’Ouchy”

Residency Project

95 Jahre Lausanner Friedensvertrag Château d’Ouchy

2018, video installation

The film shows the artist in a room that was witness to a historical moment. It served as the conference room for the negotiations that led to the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, in which Kurdistan was partitioned into four parts. Today the room is a suite at a 4-star hotel. The artist enters the space blindfolded (without having previously seen it) and attempts to orient herself. Since the performer is deprived of her sight, the spectator’s vision is intensified, creating an opportunity for multiple spaces and levels of reality to be present simultaneously.


AGORA ARTES, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2019