Lynn Takeo Musiol, Performing Arts, 2018

*1990 in Leverkusen, lives in Berlin and Hamburg

Lynn Takeo Musiol is a free artist and writer with a focus on class, queerness and climate. She/he last worked as a curatorial assistant at the Maxim Gorki Theater’s Berliner Herbstsalon; from the 2020/2021 season, Lynn Takeo will be working as a dramaturge at Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf.

Berlin Fellowship


Residency Project


2019, theatrale Installation

Based on Foucault’s notion of the regime of truth, as well as Holzhey’s multistable figure, a timeless story opens up in Arcania, a historical timelessness regarding the fragility of the (digital) space. Ask: To what extent is the past a place of refuge? Ask oneself: How does a historical moment create itself? Asks Hiob, Ida and Hernach: Who is being conceived here, ejected in Arcania. Who will be sucked into a mouth that drips between fiction and reality. And where does all of it go.

[hinterland-x] is a reminder, a moment in between, an opportunity to take Arcania for that which it actually is not: a biotope permanently populated by Hiob, Ida and Hernach. Or as Ida is wont to say: “How is it. The less we know each other, the more we find our way to the self [sic!].” 


Director, Text, Stage: Lynn Takeo Musiol; Performers: Jona Aulepp, Anna Mattes, 2 Deepfakes, 1 Biotope; Costumes, Make-up: Annika Lu; Scenography: Ulrike Deppner; Assistant Stage Design: Anna Schedler; Deepfakes: Emese Papp; Digital Implementation: Fabian Raith; Sound: Enrika Muta; Assistant: Anouk Kesou

Premiere 4.5.2019, opening AGORA ARTES, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2019

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