Eric Le Méné, Architecture, 2019

*1988 in Suresnes, lives in Paris

Eric Le Méné is an inventor, somewhere between the plastic arts, making and pure research. He holds architecture and civil engineering degrees from École nationale supérieure d’architecture in Paris-Malaquais and École spéciale des travaux publics du bâtiment et de l’industrie in Paris. He runs a Research and Development start-up that focuses on energy preservation, ecological housing and natural comfort. His interests include implementing broad technologies in the field of architecture. These could potentially benefit from topological optimisation. Therefore, he created a 3D sand formworks printer to use for concrete casting. It aims to mimic bio-structures in manmade structures, bringing the best of both natural genius and human discoveries into architecture and living.

Berlin Fellowship

“Le Molding”

Residency Project

Le Molding

2016/2019, 3D sand printer, personal prospection
D.I.Y., made from scratch, wood, metal, electromechanical and electronic parts

How come what is built today overly resembles what was built last century, especially when so many aspects of society as a whole have changed. Is architecture stuck in time? What is shown here is both a new tool and a new attempt to break the shell, the mold of a style of construction that is always rectilinear and heavy. Participating in sustainable development for the future of humanity and taking advantage of the natural history book of biomimicry, a gift from, the present sculpture is a leap forward, a bridge between ages. Life is a circle; may the architecture loop back to the origins of our own inner composition and natural environment. Architecture evolves at the inner scale of biological life. It’s been there forever.


Where The Story Unfolds, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2020