Dorian Sari, Visual Arts, 2019

*1989 in Izmir, lives in Basel

Dorian Sari is an artist and researcher. He is an observer of politics, emotions and social movements. His work mainly focuses on looking at human beings and cultures in his installations, and projecting these, together with personal and collective mythology, into completely fictional, theatrical and cinematographical scenes based on Jungian psychoanalytic interpretation of humans and their symbols. He creates a universe using numerous narrations, usually in the form of a sculpture or sometimes as a video projection. Sublimating actuality with materials found in the street. Discharging his observations into these materials involves ceremonial rituals in the production process. Sometimes it is just a quiet sewing, sometimes it takes the form of a silent confession in his video works. Sculptures tell a story using the language of poetic symbols. The parallel to this communication between the conscious and the collective subconscious. He combines rational scientific research with metaphysical methods. Pointing at current affairs and taking a measure using his multidisciplinary background and artistic vision are the main points of his work.

Basel Berlin Fellowship