Anna Weidenholzer, Literature, 2019

*1984 in Linz, lives in Vienna

Anna Weidenholzer is a writer. She studied comparative literature at the University of Vienna and the University of Wrocław, Poland. In 2010, her volume of stories Der Platz des Hundes was published. Anna Weidenholzer has won many awards, including the Alfred Gesswein Prize 2009 and the Outstanding Artist Award 2017 of the Austrian Republic. She has also been granted numerous stays abroad and scholarships. In 2013, her first novel Der Winter tut den Fischen gut was shortlisted for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2016 and her novel Weshalb die Herren Seesterne tragen was longlisted for the German Book Prize. Her third novel Finde einem Schwan ein Boot was published in autumn 2019.

Berlin Fellowship

“Wo du die Zwiebeln finden wirst”

Residency Project

Wo du die Zwiebeln finden wirst

2020, installation, text, video

A summer’s day in an underground station – a melting pot of countless stories. In their work, author Anna Weidenholzer and video artist Liina Siib address the everyday again and again. The impetus for this is often impressions they gather while travelling about. In the installation Wo du die Zwiebeln finden wirst, they embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the questions of how we perceive our environment and what narrative processes the things we see can trigger in us. What details do we see? What scenes, what sentences linger? Liina Siib documented what was happening on this summer’s day with her camera; Anna Weidenholzer tells the story of an encounter that might be behind these images in her text.
Visitors are invited to take a seat in the installation and follow Liina Siib’s gaze. Anna Weidenholzer’s narrative can be read there or taken home.


Text: Anna Weidenholzer; Video: Liina Siib; Translation into English: Liz Lauffer

Where The Story Unfolds, work presentations JUNGE AKADEMIE 2020

Article & Space