Ambra Viviani, Visual Arts, 2018

*1993 in Neapel, lives in Basel

Ambra Viviani studied visual arts in Milano and Basel. She has received the Fiorucci Art Trust Grant and participated in artist-in-residence programmes such as Tropical Lab, Singapore, GGG, Basel and Atelier Mondial, Hangzhou.


Basel Berlin Fellowship

“Most All of Who You Are Now Was There Then”

Residency Project

Most All of Who You Are Now Was There Then

2018, interactive installation

Video and audio loop, steel, glass fibre, synthetic materials PVC, PET and PE

The visitors are invited to enter the tent, stop for a minute and make themselves comfortable. While
lying or sitting on the floor of the tent, they can sing along to a kind of karaoke machine that plays a
selection of sad songs, as a means of exorcising their inner melancholy and turning it into a memory
of youth – a kind of refuge in the middle of the exhibition space.

The installation refers to a popular game from our childhood, building a fort to hide in and immerse
oneself in a different reality – or as an adult, hiding from reality by staying cooped up at home, avoiding interactions. As a visitor you can decide whether you just want to observe this ritual or actually be part of it; to just watch someone else’s silly behaviour or to summon your melancholic teenage self, hidden under the blankets, singing out loud.


AGORA ARTES, work presentation JUNGE AKADEMIE 2019