Alexander Horwath, Film and Media Arts

*1964 in Vienna

Since 2013 member of the Academy of Arts, Berlin / section Film and Media Arts

Alexander Horwath is a writer and curator. 1985–1991 film critic and editor. 1992–1997 Director of the Viennale – Vienna International Film Festival. 1997–2001 essays for Die ZeitTrafic, Süddeutsche ZeitungMeteor and Film Comment, film festival consultant, curator of film series and exhibitions. 2002–2017 Director of the Austrian Film Museum. 2007 curator of the film programme for Documenta 12. Publications as (co-)author / editor: Der Siebente Kontinent. Michael Haneke und seine Filme (1991), The Last Great American Picture Show. New Hollywood 1967–1976 (1995; extended English edition 2003), Avantgardefilm. Österreich. 1950 bis heute (1995), Peter Tscherkassky (2005), Josef von Sternberg. The Case of Lena Smith (2007), Film Curatorship – Archives, Museums, and the Digital Marketplace (2008), Das sichtbare Kino (2014), Ruth Beckermann (2016). Gold Medal of Honour for Services to the Province of Vienna (2018). Since 2018 teacher of history at the Vienna Film Academy; member of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna; Member of the Artistic Committee, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna; texts on Utopie Film ( and on Guy Debord (