Marina Poleukhina

“Music for me is something more than just a sound. It expresses itself in the permanent breathing and constant action that consists of the emptiness of the space and the fullness of lonely objects that move around or passively stand.

The attention works as the frame – the way we shift our attention forms the way we observe the incoming material that exists all the time. The attention is a sort of piece that defines the distance between things and creates a field of simultaneous expression and simultaneous communication.

In everydayapril – video pieces each object finds its own particular appearance, which shapes an action, a sound. This action shines through its observation.”

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*1989 in St. Petersburg, lives in Wien

Marina Poleukhina studied composition in at the Moscow Conservatory and at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. Works as a composer, improviser and performer.

Werner Düttmann Fellowship

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